June 27, 2004

Last-minute reading

Have the Liberals succeeded in turning around the momentum enough in Ontario and Quebec to form a minority governmnent? (A hefty Ekos research poll puts the Liberals ahead by 8 seats on the strength of recent gains in the party's central-eastern strongholds. The poll also has a riding analysis which suggests that "Landslide Annie" may not eke out a win this time around.)

Will Stephen Harper's stealth conservatism campaign survive the repeated "let me tell you what I really think" faux pas of his party's MPs? (Sure it will ... why, it's just another desperate attempt by the Liberals to blah, blah, blah ...)

Can the NDP stem the flow of the so-called soft voters worried about a Conservative government? (Jack Layton is engaging Paul Martin directly on the strategic vote.)

Has Gilles Duceppe succeeded in sidestepping Bernard Landry's enthusiastic separatist musings (not to mention his own comments revealing his party's shameless opportunism)?

And might the Green party actually win a seat? (Despite an endorsement from the Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Centre seems safely headed to Ed Broadbent, but look for a possible Green, or even two, in British Columbia.)

Tune in tomorrow. I'll hopefully be watching coverage at the Canadian High Commission in Canberra. Until then, here's some interesting last-minute reading (apologies for the limited sourcing; my work is eating up most of my news-reading time of late):

Posted by anatole at June 27, 2004 11:34 PM