October 28, 2004

Raw fish and portable digital storage ... together at last!

In the "what will they think of next?" category, check out this rather unique product offering from Dynamism.com.

(c) Dynamism.com

Thanks to my friend and undergraduate thesis supervisor who forwarded along the tip from his son.

When I shared this with some friends, Alasdair wisely asked:

What effect do you suppose the new rules for freezing sushi in Ontario will have on data throughput?

Interestingly, as I searched for a good link for the "new rules" to which Alasdair referred, I found that the Ontario government is backpedalling after an outcry from sushi afficionados and a collective "what's the big deal?" from many doctors and hospitals.

Which leads me to wonder ... is any of what the government has learned in the last few weeks actually new information? How did they not see this coming? And if they did, are they just irresponsibly bowing to public pressure now, or were they just being ridiculous from the get-go in designing the ban?

Posted by anatole at October 28, 2004 11:48 PM