October 31, 2004

In a manner of speaking ...

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. But other times, you can get your fill just from words ...

"The big question about Kerry is, Will he pull the trigger? And the big question about Bush is, Can he aim? With Bush, we know he can pull the trigger, but it's like he shot himself in the foot - and the tiger is still out there. It's the tiger who needs to be shot, not us."

According to the New York Times' Thomas L. Friedman: "In British politics there used to be a standard test for candidates for prime minister: Would you want to go on a tiger hunt with this person? That is, would this candidate kill the tiger or try to reason with the tiger?" Friedman goes on to relate a relevant observation by Prof. Graham Allison, a former professor of mine at the Kennedy School.

"We don't need to bus. Most of our people have cars."

William R. Scherer, a "Fort Lauderdale lawyer working for the Republicans," commenting on the "stunt" of the Democratic Parties' early voting rallies, where buses are made available to take voters to early polling stations [Source: NYT].

"John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr. -- where are you now that we need you?"

Charlie Brooker, a columnist with the U.K.'s The Guardian, crosses the proverbial line ... at a sprint. The Guardian served up a half-hearted "apology".

To some of us, homosexuality is an affliction, like alcoholism, and hellishly difficult to control. Why some folks can take or leave alcohol -- while others can enjoy it in moderation, and others cannot stop drinking without help and must swear off it for life or it will kill them -- remains a mystery of nature. Homosexuality seems to be like that.

To some of us, Pat Buchanan is a mystery of nature. If you care to stomach it, you can read the rest of the column in which he takes on John Kerry's debate mention of Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter.

"We haven't seen anything good from Democrats [...] We do not desire to see Democrats take over."

Hasan Rowhani, head of the Supreme National Security Council, Iran's top security decision-making body, supposedly "endorsing" George W. Bush for President. [Source: Globe and Mail]

"They Googled him and then went onto a web site - either his own or his book publisher's web site, I don't know which one - and saw that he was who he was, and that was instrumental in letting him go, I think, or swinging their decision."

Mike Carey, executive producer at Australia's SBS network, talks to the Associated Press about how Google probably saved Australian freelance journalist John Martinkus.

"We didn't have to come all night. We came only early this morning, and there was nothing to peel."

"If anybody had said to me, 'You'll be in the funeral business,' I'd have said, 'You're crazy.' But you run into this thing called culture, and it's not so simple."

Funeral volunteer Gloria Khanyile and Owen Porteus, McCain's [Foods] managing director in South Africa, respectively, talking about McCain's involvement in catering South African funerals. The company is using unorthodox channels to break into a tough market for frozen foods. Tasteless behaviour, if you'll forgive the pun? Full story. [Source: Globe and Mail]

"Let me tell you what else is wrong with taxing the rich. The rich hire lawyers and accountants for a reason, to slip the bill and to pass it on to you."

U.S. President George W. Bush at a rally in New Port Richey, Floriday. Richey, indeed. [Source: whitehouse.gov]

"And I made a special effort to come on the show today, because I have privately, amongst my friends and also in occasional newspapers and television shows, mentioned this show as being bad. [...] And I wanted to -- I felt that that wasn't fair and I should come here and tell you that I don't -- it's not so much that it's bad, as it's hurting America. [...] So I wanted to come here today and say... Here's just what I wanted to tell you guys... Stop. [...] Stop, stop, stop, stop hurting America.

Jon Stewart, on CNN's Crossfire with Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson, bemoaning the show's complicity in the theatre of mainstream U.S. politicals. [Source: CNN Transcript]
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