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Tulip colours abstract, Ottawa
More from the Tulip Festival, including something a little abstract. Parasol notes that not nearly enough people are paying photographic attention to the tulips this year. ;) Indeed, indeed.
Ottawa, Ontario [view large]

Red tulip among yellow, Ottawa
[view large]

Many-a-tulip, Ottawa
[view large]

Tulip solitaire, Ottawa
Not too exciting, but I liked the glow from the light.
Ottawa [view large]

Parliament buildings in distance behind tulips, Ottawa
[view large]

Posted by anatole at May 10, 2005 11:51 PM

Wow! Another great collection of photographs. Nice work.

I tell you, those tulips are addictive! It's all about how the light hits those soft petals and how the colours bounce off of one another. It's got me hooked. I was out this morning to photograph the installation at the National Gallery and after that, it was like a huge magnet pulled me and my bike up to P. Hill where I took something obscene like 80 photos of tulips.

I've really got my eye on the pink ones at Dow's Lake. Now if only the blue sky would return.

Posted by: Parasol at May 11, 2005 03:37 PM

and one for thing, thanks for the link :)

Posted by: Parasol at May 11, 2005 03:38 PM

I meant "more"... must.proofread.before.pressing.POST

Posted by: Parasol at May 11, 2005 03:38 PM

Niiiiiiice. I really like your first abstract one.

Is the last one the tulip patch by Portage?

Posted by: Lana at May 12, 2005 07:46 AM

Yes it is, and they're actually all from that patch (except maybe the second-to-last, which might be from across the bridge/road, where there's a little patch near the fence by one of the industrial buildings ... Domtar?).

Posted by: Anatole at May 12, 2005 11:30 AM

I heart industrial patch tulips.

Posted by: Lana at May 12, 2005 04:59 PM