May 18, 2005

... hello, Belinda.

Well, it's no surprise to anyone this late in the day, but Belinda Stronach has "crossed the floor" and joined the governing Liberal caucus.

Now, I don't mean to be smug here, but I actually called this about a week ago. Admittedly, I would be way cooler if I had called it publicly somehow -- for example on this blog. I didn't -- such is life.

But I think I should get some sort of bonus points for having called it in a conversation with one of her political staffers. In a reasonably wide-ranging discussion about the current political situation, I suggested to said staffer that Belinda would make an excellent candidate for crossing the floor to the Liberals. Said political staffer vigorously denied that this would ever happen.

So put another one down in the "never say never" column of life, and just be glad that you don't work for Stephen Harper today, because you probably would have had a very, very bad day.

Posted by anatole at May 18, 2005 12:47 AM