August 25, 2005


What's that saying ... "any press is good press"? "It's always nice to have your work recognized"?

Activists, companies split over Kyoto panel

Environmentalists threaten boycotts


"John Bennett, senior policy adviser for the Sierra Club, said that if the government wants to get industry involved, it should invite companies, such as Shell and Suncor, that have been more supportive of Kyoto and the government's environmental plan.

Mr. Bennett said environmental groups are giving Environment Canada a bit more time to convince them environmental concerns will not be sidelined by the views of industry at the four tables. "If they don't, there will be a boycott of all the tables," he added.

"The companies that fought the hardest against doing the right thing end up with the most influence with the government. It might have been some crackerjack's idea that this would be a smart way to get them in the house, but they weren't thinking what that communicated to Canadians."

Rick Smith of the Environmental Defence Fund expressed similar concerns, saying: "It's another bizarre decision by the government. It's yet another fox-in-the-henhouse scenario."


This from a Globe and Mail article on Monday. If you read the full article, you'll see it's not all bad (Pembina's Marlo Raynolds was relatively positive!).

Anyway, you can imagine how good a mood this puts people in.

Posted by anatole at August 25, 2005 05:57 PM

Have you been following the efforts by breakaway states (e.g. the 9 northeasterns) to establish their own emissions regs. similar to Kyoto (well, similar goals, freeze-then-reduce quotas, etc).

NYTImes article here:

Posted by: George at August 25, 2005 07:47 PM

Hey - saw the article while we were on holidays (like you were now) - rob pointed it out. Meant to give you our sympathies directly. You know your day is going to suck in a policy job when you find your project in the G&M!!

Posted by: Hilary at September 2, 2005 10:58 AM